Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management
Department of Zero Waste and Waste Treatment

Department of Zero Waste and Waste Treatment

  • Mining Waste Branch Office
  • Industrial Waste Recycling Branch Office
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Branch Office
  • Domestic Waste Project Branch Office
  • Zero Waste Inventory and Training Branch Office
  • Zero Waste and Packaging Waste Management Branch Office
  • Medical and Special Wastes Branch Office


1. To develop goals, principles, policies and strategies for the transportation, recovery and disposal of wastes, to ensure cooperation and coordination for being put into practice accordingly, to follow national and international studies and developments in this regard,

2. To monitor and carry out national and international studies on legislation, strategy and policy development related to waste processing.

3. To draw up and contract third parties to draw up national, regional and local waste treatment action plans, and to ensure coordination with relevant institutions / organizations.

4. To determine the criteria for waste treatment facilities, as well as publishing and updating the required technical guides, conducting work in coordination with the relevant unit that issues an environmental license,

5. To carry out researches on waste disposal technologies, to establish the standards accordingly, to determine the design principles, criteria and measures for disposal facilities, to approve the projects, to perform construction monitoring and supervision services.

6. To work with the objective to minimize the generation of wastes arising from industrial processes and mining activities and to ensure  their use as a resource,

7.To develop legislation, strategies and policies regarding the processing of mixed household wastes, domestic and commercial biodegradable wastes, animal wastes, excavation soil and construction debris wastes,

8.To determine the product groups that are not suitable for importation into the country by making risk assessments in coordination with the relevant institutions / organizations, to ensure that they are shared with the relevant institutions / organizations, to determine the criteria for the import, export and transit of wastes including Free Zones,

9. To determine the criteria for the transportation of wastes.

10. To cooperate with national and international institutions and organizations within the scope of international conventions and protocols, as well as monitoring and carrying out the studies in the fields of duty.

11. To carry out studies for the harmonization of the European Union acquis, which is in its field of duty, to carry out and coordinate projects within this framework.

12. To plan and coordinate the activities to be carried out with public, private and non-governmental organizations in order to raise awareness on waste recovery.

13. To determine the procedures and principles regarding the recovery of the natural structure deteriorated by excavations, castings and wastes left to nature for mining activities.

14. To carry out or contract third parties to carry out all kinds of publication and publication studies on the subjects within its field of duty, to carry out documentation and promotional activities, to ensure the necessary coordination and cooperation with the relevant institutions and organizations on all kinds of training, meetings, conferences, seminars and symposia within its field of duty.

15. To perform the duties assigned by the General Manager.