Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management
Department of Management Services and Finance
  • Human Resources and Management Affairs Branch Office
  • Strategy Development and Coordination Branch Office
  • Salary and Accrual Affairs Branch Office
  • Budget and Procurement Branch Office
  • Monitoring and Reporting Branch Office
  • Project Branch Office
  • Finance Branch Office
  • Document Management Branch Office


1. To monitor the environmental contribution and administrative fines to be collected in order to prevent environmental pollution, improve the environment and support environmental investments.

2. To follow the usage of the general budget of the General Directorate during the financial year, to make the necessary appropriation transfers and release procedures.

3. To ensure the coordination, proposal and follow-up of projects related to the General Directorate investment program.

4. To ensure the preparation, proposal and follow-up of projects related to the General Directorate investment program.

5. To carry out salary, additional payment and travel procedures related to the personnel of the General Directorate.

6. Within the framework of the relevant legislation and the decisions put into effect by the Ministry, to carry out the evaluation, cooperation, monitoring and reporting activities of the environmental protection and improvement projects to be prepared and carried out by the relevant institutions and organizations by local administrations.

7. To carry out financing and expenditure works for some expenses related to prevention and cleaning of environmental pollution, grants and loans to be granted for this purpose, and environmental management development services.

8. To lay budget as related to cleaning the environment in unexpected environmental disasters in cases requiring Emergency Response.

9. To assist the General Directorate within the scope of preparing the main service policy and plans.

10. To monitor and control whether the grants and credits to be made from revenues such as contributions, which are stipulated in accordance with the 2872 Environment Law amended by Law No. 5491, are used in line with their purpose, To collect and evaluate the necessary information about the relevant studies.

11. To provide the necessary coordination with regard to tender and purchasing works and procedures, to follow up the processes accordingly.

12. To settle the payments to be made from the General Budget items with the e-budget program of the General Directorate of Accounting and sending it to the accountant for payment,

13. To monitor and control general budget revenues and expenditures, to prepare and execute plans and programmes.

14. To examine the progress payment files of the projects carried out by our Departments within the scope of the General Budget, as well as arranging the Payment Order for the relevant progress payment and sending it to the Internal Control Department under the Strategy Development Directorate, and sending the Provisional Transaction Slip for purchases made within the scope of the Revolving Fund Budget to the Revolving Fund Central Accountant.

15. To monitor and control the expenditures made through direct procurement or tender methods from the Revolving Fund Budget

16. In accordance with the principles of "Equal Treatment, Confidentiality and Reliability" specified in Article 5 titled Basic Principles of the Law No. 4734, to ensure that the approximate cost and tender documents qualified as valuable documents are kept confidential, in particular

17. To determine the goals, principles and objectives of the Directorate General and to coordinate the simplification of the legislation.

18. To determine the activities defined in the Strategic Plan and Emergency Action Plan of our Ministry and aimed to be carried out by our General Directorate, as well as coordinating their implementation, and making the necessary reporting accordingly.

19. To prepare the coordinated letters and monthly-annual activity reports submitted to the General Directorate

20. To carry out organizational activities related to the organization of meetings, trainings, conferences, seminars, symposiums, fairs and similar activities in the fields of duty of the General Directorate.

21. Within the framework of the national archive policy, to create, develop and change the archive policy of the General Directorate, to determine the principles regarding these and to submit them for the approval of the Ministry and monitor the same accordingly,

22. To prepare the warehouse layout plan, to form the sorting and destruction commissions,

23. To determine and evaluate the nature of the material, as well as evaluating the research requests and fulfilling when deemed necessary,

24. To follow domestic and international archiving and scientific developments, to compile the relevant works created in this field,

25.To follow-up the seminars, courses, conferences and meetings for archiving and archive activities, as well as attending to such activities,

26. To monitor the archiving process in accordance with the Standard Filing plan,

27. To ensure the destruction of the material determined by the units and the destruction materials determined by the destruction commission following the sorting process carried out in the archive of the institution,

28. To classify the archive material deemed appropriate to be transferred to the State Archive as a result of the work of the weeding and destruction commission, and to deliver it to the State Archive with their inventories, to ensure the protection of those which will not be transferred,

29. To receive archival material and equipment from the units,

30. To preserve the materials received from the units in appropriate conditions, to prevent them from being lost, to place the materials received from the units in their original order without disturbing their belonging,

31. To repair or restore archival material,

32. To prepare an introductory guide and catalog for the material as open to research,

33. To evaluate the annual activity reports from unit archives,

34. To ensure coordination with the State Archive regarding all kinds of archive information and documents,

35. To fulfill the duties assigned by the General Manager.