Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management
Chemicals Management Department

• Priority Chemicals Management Branch Office

• Registration and Classification of Chemicals Branch Office

• Risk Assessment and Control of Chemicals Branch Office


1. To determine policies, strategies and action plans to ensure effective management of chemicals within the framework of sustainable development principles; To do researches and projects within this framework, or to contract a third party to do so accordingly; To determine their application procedures and principles.

2. To determine the targets and criteria for chemicals that have negative effects on human health and the environment throughout the country.

3. To create an inventory of chemicals, keep their records, prepare and publish a list of priority chemicals for chemicals that have adverse effects on human health and the environment.

4. To make risk assessment for substances in the priority chemicals list, to take risk mitigation measures and to ensure the continuity of the works.

5. To determine the procedures and principles for risk assessment and control of chemicals.

6. To monitor and implement national and international studies within the scope of international conventions and protocols and to carry out projects within this framework.

7. To carry out studies for the harmonization of the European Union acquis, which is in its field of duty, to carry out and coordinate projects within this framework.

8. To follow and direct the activities of Local Environmental Boards within the scope of the duties of the department.

9. To fulfill the duties assigned by the General Manager.