Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management
Air Management Department
  • Air Quality Assessment Branch Office
  • Branch Office of Heating Affairs, Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Prevention and Fuel Control
  • Industrial Air Pollution Prevention Branch Office
  • Environmental Noise and Vibration Management Branch Office
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Branch Office


1) To prepare legislation on protection of air quality, sources affecting air pollution, environmental noise and vibration control and odor emissions, and to determine targets, principles, policies and strategies accordingly,

2) To prepare all kinds of explanatory documents for the implementation of air pollution, noise and vibration legislation,

3) To determine the procedures, principles and criteria for the creation of air and noise pollution maps,

4) To determine the procedures, principles and criteria for the preparation of clean air action plans and noise action plans, to draw up or contract a third party to draw up these accordingly,

5) To develop national emission factors, as well as creating a national emission inventory and determining national emission ceilings,

6) To determine the principles and criteria for the determination of hot spots in terms of air and noise pollution and control measures to be taken,

7) To carry out studies/works on cross-border air pollution,

8) To determine the criteria for banned and restricted fuels,

9) To determine the usage areas and principles of fossil fuels and biomass,

10) To determine the procedures and principles regarding modeling studies related to air quality, to carry out modeling studies at national scale,

11) To determine policies and strategies for integrated pollution prevention activities and to prepare the relevant legislation,

12) To evaluate and finalize the control and conformity certificate requests for imported solid fuels,

13) To issue the type emission certificate for combustion systems used for heating purposes,

14) To monitor and carry out national and international studies within the scope of international agreements and protocols in the fields of duty,

15) To carry out studies for the harmonization of the European Union acquis, which is in its field of duty, to carry out and coordinate the projects within this framework,

16) To follow and direct the work of local environmental boards within the scope of the duties of the department,

17) To fulfill similar duties assigned by the General Directorate.