Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management


To become a respected and pioneering institution that takes measures in order to protect human health and prevent environmental pollution within the framework of sustainable development principles, ensures effective use of administrative, legal, financial, human and environmental resources, as well as granting the right to live in a healthy environment.


Ensuring the prevention and control of all polluting factors that cause environmental pollution for a livable environment,
In this scope;
• To maintain the quality of air on high level; to minimize air pollution, noise and vibration,

• To encourage the use of clean energy, especially renewable energy sources, taking the necessary measures regarding global climate change, ozone depletion,

• To hand down our underground and surface waters, seas and lands to our future children, in a way that they can be used with peace of mind,

• To establish and contract third parties to establish laboratories that will carry out all kinds of environmental measurements, monitoring, analysis and controls.

• Scientifically compatible with today's developing and changing conditions,

• To set an example for other countries in terms of classification, collection, transportation, temporary storage, recovery, reuse, treatment, conversion to energy, disposal and final storage by minimizing all kinds of waste at its source,

• To conduct research for the protection and improvement of the environment in cooperation with international organizations; as well as setting environmental standards; ensuring coordination between various organizations and local governments related to environmental protection; supporting public institutions and organizations; spreading environmental awareness by means of implementing environmental education programmes

• To be a respectable and pioneering institution in which the quality of life is increased through improving the work done in a transparent, accountable, participatory and pluralistic manner and working oriented at the rational management of environmental resources.


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