Directorate General of Environmental Management

Directorate General of Environmental Management


General Directorate of Environmental Management ARTICLE 103 - (1) The duties and powers of the General Directorate of Environmental Management are as follows:

a) To prepare legislation on prevention and control of environmental pollution, to develop standards, to determine measurement, detection and quality criteria,  to give an opinion in terms of environmental pollution according to the characteristics of the receiving body,

b) To work on the determination of targets and principles for the protection of air quality, reduction or elimination of air pollution, noise and vibration; to make and have clean air action plans; To work in coordination with relevant institutions and organizations, to determine the criteria and standards accordingly,

c) To work on determining policies and strategies for cleaner production and integrated pollution prevention activities and to draw up the relevant legislation,

ç) To encourage the use of clean energy, especially renewable energy sources, to carry out studies on the determination of targets and criteria so that fuels can be used in a way that does not cause air pollution,

d) To establish the criteria for waste and chemicals that have negative effects on the environment, along with those on air pollution, noise and vibration, including free zones,

e) To cooperate on nuclear security with Atomic Energy Agency of Turkey,

f) To realize an effective environmental management, to determine the necessary economic tools with the objective to ensure the compatibility of waste and chemicals with the environment and to develop standards in this regard,

g) To determine administrative, financial and technical procedures and principles and standards for the control of exhaust emissions of motor vehicles,

ğ) To determine and implement the procedures and principles regarding the removal and control of pollutants and pollution in order to protect ground and surface waters, seas and soil, to prevent or eliminate pollution, to draw up and contract third parties draw up emergency response plans, to determine appropriate technologies for the protection of the environment, along with those to be established for this purpose, to determine the qualifications of the facilities and to take the necessary measures in this framework,

h) To work on determining the targets, policies and criteria regarding waste and chemicals management,

ı) To determine the design principles and criteria of wastewater treatment plants together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to carry out the approval procedures,

i) To work on the determination of policies and strategies regarding the minimization of wastes at source, classification, collection, transportation, temporary storage, recovery, disposal, reuse, treatment, conversion to energy and final storage,

j) In cooperation with the relevant institutions and organizations, to determine the principles regarding the transportation of wastes and the transportation licenses of hazardous wastes, to ensure the implementation of the same, to carry out the monitoring process, to determine the current pollution status of waste and chemicals contaminated areas, to carry out studies on risks to the environment and human health and to improve the contaminated areas, and to contract third parties to do so,

k) To determine the criteria for the import and export of fuels, waste and chemicals to be prohibited and restricted and other substances that may cause environmental pollution,

l) To carry out the studies regarding the preparation of national environmental strategy and action plans and to ensure coordination,

m) To coordinate with other institutions and organizations in order to work on determining plans, policies and strategies for taking measures regarding global climate change and ozone depletion,

n) To follow and direct the work of local environmental boards,

o) To take preventive measures against applications that cause visual pollution in buildings and other structures in built-up areas,

ö) To monitor and carry out national and international studies on the subjects within its field of duty.

p) To fulfill the duties assigned pursuant to the Decree Law No. 383 dated 19/10/1989 on the Establishment of the Special Environmental Protection Agency,

r) To fulfill other duties assigned by the Minister.